The activities of VOGA are considered to be part of a larger economic growth picture for Creswick and the region, whereby the presence of a professionally constructed mountain bike trail network and a number of events regularly held there will create new tourism revenue.

For the better part of this decade a number of VOGA members have been actively promoting the concept of a formalised mountain bike trail network built to a world class standard that would attract visitors to the region from all around the world. This has been met with varying degrees of enthusiasm in its earliest stages, perhaps due to the fact that the idea when first put forward, was maybe a little ahead of its time. But it was correctly recognised as worth pursuing further and a detailed masterplan was commissioned by Hepburn Shire Council who engaged the services of world-renowned trail builder Dirt Art pty ltd.

The Creswick Trail Master Plan has been developed to provide a clear pathway towards developing Creswick and the broader Goldfields Region as a world-­class mountain bike and recreational trail destination. Creswick is located 1.5 hours from the Melbourne CBD, sitting strategically amongst a range of other current and emerging trail destinations connected by a range of iconic long-­distance trails. The Creswick region offers a unique and diverse landscape of natural bushland, which already offers a wide range of trail experiences. A significant mining heritage has provided a very unique topography across many areas surrounding Creswick, which provides potential to develop a wide range of unique and exciting trail opportunities.

From Dirt Art “The Creswick area offers truly significant potential to be developed as one of Australia’s leading mountain bike destinations, and to a standard that would attract significant regional and national attention. Located within riding distance of the popular, well-­serviced town of Creswick, offering an excellent soil type, and with a number of existing trails and stunning scenery, the area possesses all of the key attributes required to develop a truly world-­class trail destination. The Creswick Trail Master Plan provides a clear pathway towards capitalising on the existing trails and infrastructure in the Creswick area, while also proposing a number of potential future developments, which if enacted would undoubtedly establish the Creswick area as one of Australia’s leading mountain bike destinations.”

On Wednesday, April 5th 2017 we were extremely pleased to see a major step forward in the development of this master plan with the Victorian State Government announcement of a funding grant of $2.56million to see the staged implementation of the master plan over a 4 1/2 year period. As a club we look forward to working closely with all stakeholders to see the Creswick Trail Masterplan become a reality.

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